Written by Shane Finley, grandson of Rex and Irene Finley

(Rex is the son of Clay and Letha Finley and the grandson of Daniel Washington Finley)

My Grandma turned 90 on Sunday (March 9th 2014). She is a great woman and married to a great man. I wrote the following as a tribute to them a couple of months ago but haven’t done anything with it. It is a bit lengthy but I hope worth the read.

What’s in a name? Today names don’t mean as much as they once did. In other cultures through out history a name said a lot about who you were, where you were from and even what you did for a living. A name defined a person in a way.
Today we don’t put as much into the thought of a name. Of course there are those whose names bring about different thoughts, pictures and ideas because of their notoriety in certain areas of expertise. If I say the name Manning many people may think of football or if I say Jackson people might think of pop music, or the name Reagan might bring to mind on era of politics.
If I said the name Finley it probably would mean very little to you if anything. It is not a name that is known by many. There have been a few famous people with the name but none of them or their accomplishments come to my mind when I think of the name. The name means much more to me. It is a name I am proud and sometimes even humbled to bare. It is a name that holds a standard for me, a name that stands for something. Not because of any famous man or woman. Not because it will go down in any history books but it is a name with a deep legacy. Read More …