Joe Finley Remembrance

Joseph A. Finley age 72 passed away August 31, 2021.  Joe graduated from Central Hower High School in 1967.  Enlisted in the United States Navy from 1967 – 1971.  He served two tours in Vietnam on the USS Oriskany (The Mighty “O” and the last of the wooden flight decks), reached the rank of E-4/Petty Officer Third Class, and was honorably discharged.  He graduated from the University of Akron and molded minds as a history and English teacher for several schools within the Akron Public School System.  Joe stepped up and was voted in as the Union Rep for Goodyear Middle School for several years, later he ran for Ward II Councilman and was voted in for 2 consecutive terms.  He loved the city and its local politics so much; he became a mayoral candidate to further his vision for Akron and to greater serve the city and community that he loved.

He was remembered most for his love of family – politics – the civil war – JFK – Abraham Lincoln – Don McLean – Cat Stevens – Sweet Baby James, his warm smile, quick witty humor, innocent fun nicknames (jive turkey, blood, you right…you ugly but you right) and respect for all those he came across…but, mostly the numerous sacrifices he made for his wife and children.  His former students would love to call out his name in public, so anxious to share their memories of him as their teacher.  Joe was also very proud of his 38 years of sobriety…we his immediate family were only too happy and awestruck as the direct recipients of the wonders of its results and his dedication to such an incredible program.